Handsome was found in Louisville, Kentucky and turned over to the Raptor Rehabilitation Center there after the person had kept him for about a week. Vultures are very social and imprint quickly. He ran from the vulture chicks he was put in with, to the volunteers at the center. He came to ORC as a young vulture and has since matured into a beautiful, sleek bird and does a terrific job as an education bird in our Resident Raptor Program. To learn more about imprinting, see our FAQ page. Handsome has been with ORC since 2006. 

Fun Facts:

Turkey Vultures are very common throughout California. You can see them soaring high in the sky, catching thermal updrafts with other members of their vulture "community." While Vultures are not technically raptors because they do not hunt or catch prey with talons, they are sometimes lumped into the bird of prey category because they feed on carrion.