Riley is our resident Eastern Screech Owl. Riley came to ORC from Louisville, Kentucky after he was hit by a car and sustained visual and auditory damages that deemed him non-releasable. Riley lives with our Western Screech Owl, Lucy.

Fun Facts:

Riley's specie is not native to California but is extremely similar to our native Western Screech Owl. Eastern Screech Owls are nocturnal owls that are no more than 6 inches tall and weigh less than an apple. In nature the Eastern Screech Owl has a very interesting symbiotic relationship with a type of small blind snake that the Eastern Screech Owl will carry unharmed into their nest to act as a "housekeeper" for the family of owls. The small snake will eat debris, mites and other unwanted waste in the nest. Eastern Screech Owls who have these snakes have proven to raise healthier babies that leave the nest on their own faster than nestlings who do not have the small snake living with them. Pretty cool!