Shytan is our resident Golden Eagle. Shytan is with ORC because he flew into a power line which amputated his right wing. Unable to fly, Shytan is non-releasable and will stay at ORC for the remainder of his life as an education ambassador. When ORC receives Golden Eagles, it is usually an injury involving power lines. Electrocutions and wing amputations like the one Shytan experienced, are unfortunately very common...

Fun Facts:

Golden Eagles are large, strong and powerful eagles. Golden Eagles like to live and nest in mountain ranges. They will travel down into valleys to hunt and then return to their territories that are higher up. Despite their strength and agility, they hunt mostly small mammals- but it is not rare to see them chase off a coyote or go after a small deer. Unlike most of our local raptors, Golden Eagles have feathers that go all the way down their legs.